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I developed a love of nature, wildlife and the outdoors at an early age. Every summer was spent camping with my Grandparents. My Grandfather was an avid photographer of nature, and I have inherited his passion. I am always inspired by dramatic light, and capturing fleeting moments of nature. 

Photography is my form of relaxation and stress relief. When I am looking through my lens, the rest of the world doesn’t exist. I only focus on the beauty before me at the moment. My hopes are that I will create an image that conveys the feeling of that moment for the viewer. Whether it is an image from right here near home, or one from my travels. I am always striving to better my work and to keep my creativity flowing, always watching for that certain something that will make a great image. I also enjoy networking with other artists.

**Awards and Publications**

Nashville Arts Magazine, Oct 2013 issue.

Digital SLR Magazine: DEC 2014, honorable mention

Wildlife In North Carolina Magazine - 3rd place in mammals. Jan/Feb 2015 issue.

11th Black and White Spider Awards - Nomination and Honorable Mention

13th Black and White Spider Awards - Two Nonimations

Omni Louisville - Public art gallery

ArtistsCreating Magazine:

     Feb/Mar 2019 - image feature

     Apr/May 2019 - image feature

     Jun/July 2019 - image feature

     Aug/Sep 2019 - cover and full page feature

Scotland Magazine - issue 105, Sep 2019 


Art Seed New Albany

Equine Photographers Network

Louisville Visual Art Association

Professional Photographers of America

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